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Your West Michigan rental source for the industry's finest digital cinema cameras, cine lenses, and accessories. We will always go the extra mile for our clients. Support Local!

Featured Lenses

Braincell Camera has the largest selection of vintage and modern cinema lenses in 
West Michigan.


Legendary for their sharpness, and lack of distortion and breathing, Master Primes have been a top choice of discerning DP's worldwide for many of your favorite movies.


ZeroOptik does some of the finest lens rehousing on the planet.  The Canon FD glass is highly sought after for its vintage character and look. Great combo!


SuperSpeeds have captured some of the best-looking films of all time. They are fast, sharp and compact. The perfect match for today's cameras.


TLS rehousings are the most mechanically solid in the industry. The Leica-R lenses are famous for their beautiful look. The perfect marriage!


Tokina Vistas are fast, clean, modern, and cover large format sensors. They have quickly become favorites, great for product and lifestyle shoots.


The Cooke Panchro Classics re-visit some of the finest cinema lenses of all time, in a modern enclosure with standardized size, gearing, and improved focus mechanics.

Words from Our Clients...


Rhino - Lead Cinematographer
"Sometimes I forget how good we have it here in West Michigan with a rental hub like Braincell around. No matter the project needs, Braincell always has us covered. Tom, Nathan, and the rest of the Braincell team are not only knowledgeable, but encourage the film community to get their hands on the gear anytime. We will be long time partners and friends of Braincell Camera."


Taproot - Founder/Director
"We think of Braincell as a partner in production, as they have consistently helped us get access to the best gear while also serving as a source of knowledge and expertise. Tom and his team have been flexible in scheduling, competitive in pricing, and have a service mindset that makes them easy and great to work with."


Creative Director - Full Circle Marketing
"The team at Braincell has been wonderful to work with. 

They are incredibly helpful, responsive and add a ton of value to every job. 

A group of friendly, wildly talented folks with super awesome gear and know how.


Ideology Productions - CEO
"Braincell has been an absolutely instrumental part of our team's growth and success over the past 10 years. It isn't just their selection of literally anything and everything you would ever want for your productions, it's their superior service that has stood out to me. 

Countless times we have had things pop up and with a quick call or text the Braincell team is there on set for us. We've had some of our own gear go down and they show up with replacements that are always clean, serviced and reliable. We have been able to create with a specific look and feel that otherwise wouldn't have been possible because of the arsenal of tools they have available. 

Tom, and the entire Braincell team, have been pioneers in our community, propelling creative growth for us by bringing in the best of the best cameras, lenses, support has truly been amazing to have a creative partner that operates more like a service company than an equipment company. 

Braincell is there for you, they care, and their support has been amazing. 
We are truly fortunate to have them!

Braincell Camera carries the finest digital cinema cameras, lenses, and accessories. Contact us for a quote on your next project.
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