RED Weapon CF Helium Complete Package (Lenses not included) 

Body, Lens Mounts, Modules

  •      RED Weapon Carbon Fiber Helium 8K S35 w/MiniMag SSD Module 
  •      RED PL Mount  
  •      RED Canon EF Mount
  •      RED DSMC2 Sidekick Side Controller
  •      RED 7" Touch LCD (1080p) on NATO rail mount
  •      RED Bomb EVF (LCOS) with Wooden Camera UVF-V2 EVF Mount
  •      Wooden Camera NATO Plus Top Handle on NATO rail mount
  •      Wooden Camera Weapon Top Plate
  •      Wooden Camera NATO Safety Ribs (2)


  •      Anton Bauer Gold-Mount Battery Plate
  •      AB-type Gold-Mount Bricks – 130Wh (4 included with package)
  •      AB Gold-mount Dual Charger 
  •      RED AC Power Supply


  •      RED 512GB MiniMag SSD (2 included with package - more available at additional cost)
  •      RED SSD MiniMag Base Station with cables

Support (Camera can be set up with 15mm LW, 15mm Studio, or 19mm baseplate and rods)

  •      Wooden Camera 15mm Studio (Offset) or 19mm Bridgeplate
  •      Wooden Camera Weapon Riser and 15mm LW Adapter (for 15mm Studio and gimbal use)
  •      12" Dovetail
  •      Miller DS-25 fluid head (100mm bowl) with Miller Carbon Fiber 2-stage sticks
  •      RED 5” Arm

Mattebox and Filters

  •      Bright Tangerine VIV carbon fiber mattebox - 2 stage (plus 138mm round) swing-away with top/side flags, fits 15mm LW, 15mm    Studio and 19mm, (2)  ea 4x5.65 & 4x4 trays, 80/100mm rings & 143mm donuts
  •      Schneider filters (4x5.65) ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND1.2, ND1.5, 138mm round polarizer


  •    Extra LCD/EVF Lemo Cables, SDI Cables, tools, parts, etc.
  •      RED Sidewinder MultiTool


  1. The "complete package" rate includes almost everything on this list.
  2. The “basic package” rate is for the camera body with Side SSD module, (1) lens mount of your choice (but not both), (2) 512 MiniMag SSD with MiniMag SSD reader, the 7" Touch LCD and AB battery plate with (2) batteries.  It does not include the other lens mount, the Bomb EVF, the VIV mattebox and ND filters, the Miller head/sticks, the additional batteries, and various other small accessories.  It is designed to be a small run-n-gun package only.  Those other accessories are available as extra cost add-ons on a piece-by-piece basis.
  3. All of our RED packages are similarly equipped, but there may be slight differences in accessories from kit to kit.