• Photo Credit: Ellen Kermeen - www.elmpictures.com
  • Photo Credit: Ellen Kermeen - www.elmpictures.com
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Welcome to Braincell Camera!

Braincell Camera is a cinema camera rental boutique based in Grand Rapids, MI. Braincell rents professional cinema cameras, lenses, and accessories for films, television, commercial and corporate productions.

Specializing in ARRI Alexa Mini, RED Weapon Helium and RED Epic-W camera systems, Braincell also rents a wide variety of lenses from Zeiss, Celere, Cooke, Angenieux, Leica, Canon, Sigma and others.

We provide friendly, knowledgeable, local service on everything camera related...from full camera packages...to small accessories like filters, adapters, and media cards.

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Latest Arrivals

Latest Arrivals

Leica-R Prime Set

We just received a beautiful set of fully-cinevised Leica-R lenses. These lenses have de-clicked apertures, 80mm fronts, one-piece Delrin™ lens gears, and permanent Canon EF mounts. The set consists of: 19mm/f2.8, 24mm/f2.8, 35mm/f2.0, 50mm/f2.0, 90mm/f2.0, and 135mm/f2.8.

Our Philosophy

We will do whatever it takes to make your rental experience a positive one. Give us a try...you won't be sorry.
We understand the realities of the production business. Schedules and deadlines change, and we're all busy. We won't penalize you for situations beyond your control.
We offer competitive prices, frequent client discounts, and project rates.

Copyright Information

All images, descriptions and information on this site are the copyrighted materials of Braincell, LLC, or are used with permission of their owners.

Anyone downloading or using these images or content without the express permission of Braincell, LLC will be prosecuted.

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1500 Whiting St. SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
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